Stunning Buildings

Miramare in Italy was built in the nineteenth century by Maximilian who was the emperor of Mexico. He was deeply involved with the construction of this mansion and was very particular about its interior decoration. The mansion was a true reflection of its owners as it was filled with mementos collected from around the world. It housed the rarest of paintings and even though the emperor did not live to see it completed but still his spirit lives in that mansion.

The lake palace Hotel at Udaipur stands tall on four acres of rock in the middle of a lake. It is the private residence of the Maharaja. It has a balanced design and looks more like a delicate rose in the evening dusk

Monticello in Virginia was the dream of President Jefferson in the year seventeen hundred and sixty – nine. Even though he was an architect, he was also a political thinker. He favored vernacular material like red brick and white wood. He was very attentive to the landscape, and it was one of the most remarkable mansions in that era.

Tai Fu Tai is the mansion in Hong Kong which was built in the year eighteen hundred and sixty-six by a merchant and philanthropist. His skills were exceptional, and it is one of the most exceptional buildings of that era and was declared a heritage site in the year nineteen hundred and eighty-seven. The mansion went through a restoration in the year nineteen hundred and eighty-eight.