Mansions Stories

Mansions were found in the nineteenth century like Pompeii or Machu Puchu. These were settlements that were left to rot or fall apart with time passing by. These stood as eerie monuments, and some have even found a second life by being converted into hotels or heritage sites. Let us take a look of a few mansions that created history for the wrong reasons in time.

  1. The Pripyat at Ukraine is remembered for the catastrophic meltdown that took place in a nuclear reactor number four at a nuclear power plant in Chernobyl. The explosion sent radioactive material high into the sky, and it took thirty-six hours before the forty thousand residents could be evacuated from the city. This affected the health of thousands due to the exposure. The Soviet Union sealed off eighteen kilometers of the area surrounding Chernobyl. It has three decades for people to return to their homes or mansions if one can call it. Apartments, amusement parks, sports complexes, and markets had a dilapidated look. Researchers say that it will take many centuries before this city can come back to normal.
  2. Sandringham is a hundred miles from London and Buckingham Palace and is closest to the heart of the royal family. Edward VII built it in the year eighteen hundred and seventy, and since then it has been the home to four generations of the royal family. This private country residence provides the Queen a getaway place for privacy and quietness from the hustle and bustle of the palace.